Janet Sirmon, a longtime fine art photography dealer based in Los Angeles, California, is the owner of Janet Sirmon Fine Art. Ms. Sirmon, a staple of the Southern California fine arts community for well over two decades, has worked diligently to ensure Janet Sirmon Fine Art maintains a unique, diverse inventory made up of some of the most select fine art pieces while also specializing in photography spanning the 19th and 20th centuries.

Despite the fact that the material representing Janet Sirmon Fine Art’s area of specialization encompasses such a broad range that includes daguerreotypes, C-prints, and everything and anything that might exist in between, Ms. Sirmon has demonstrated an uncommon level of expertise regarding the movements and developments occurring within the photography medium throughout its truly comprehensive history.

As the owner of Janet Sirmon Fine Art, Ms. Sirmon has positioned herself as one of the fine art community’s most exceptional talents with regard to securing a particularly unique fine art piece at the request of a client. Throughout the more than 20-year history of Janet Sirmon Fine Art, curators from museums and fine art galleries — as well as some of the most serious and discerning of private collectors — have offered praise for Ms. Sirmon’s unyielding efforts in enhancing their respective collections with an especially hard-to-locate photograph or unique art piece.

Prior to founding Janet Sirmon Fine Art, Ms. Sirmon studied economics at James Madison University, where she earned a bachelor’s degree before revisiting her passion for the arts at the Pratt Institute. On the way to earning her MFA at Pratt, Ms. Sirmon studied photography and sculpture, laying the foundation for the professional career she would ultimately pursue upon relocating to Los Angeles.

Throughout the time she spent at both James Madison University and the Pratt Institute, Ms. Sirmon continually pursued an interest in Czech photography, especially the photography of the 1920s, 30s, and 40s. Ms. Sirmon also continued to express an interest in the work of American Social Documentarians like Lewis Hine, Dorothea Lange, Robert Frank, and Walker Evans, among several other artists of note. These early academic interests have since carried over into her professional career, and Janet Sirmon Fine Art has indeed developed a reputation as a valuable resource in these unique areas of specialization.

An active member of the Los Angeles fine arts community, Ms. Sirmon is professionally affiliated with the Art Collecting Network and continues to pursue a wide range of creative, artistic pursuits outside of her professional responsibilities. In addition to her passion for music, photography and the fine arts, Ms. Sirmon is also quite enthusiastic about yoga and running, activities perfectly suited for Los Angeles and Southern California in general.